Pagan Magical Kit

Paganism is a complex and fascinating spiritual path. This kit is perfect for beginners, providing everything needed to start exploring and practising. In this practical kit, you'll find the Pagan Tarot, an altar cloth, candles, incense, crystals, and a book that explains how to use it all. It really is a balanced combination of theory and practice. The book introduces Pagan celebrations and magic. As you learn the theory, you can use the candles, incense, crystals and altar cloth to cast spells and perform rituals. You will, also, learn how to use the included Tarot deck for divination. The incense and crystals will, also, help improve divinatory ability. Includes : a Pagan Tarot deck a set of crystals a set of ritual candles incense and incense holder a velvet Tarot cloth a powerful Book for magic, rituals and spells


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